Meet the team

Joanna Baker

Project SIARC Senior Project Manager

All workpackages

Jo leads project management and is involved in all workpackages. She has particular focus on strategic design, interpretation of results and ensures outputs are used to inform conservation and are fedback to the community

Ben Wray

Project SIARC NRW Project Manager

All workpackages

Ben provides co-management support to the Project Lead, providing input and specialist advice to project design and work package activities from an ecological, policy, legislative and licensing perspective. Ben draws on significant experience managing Wales-based conservation projects and advising on marine activities and developments specifically related to mitigating impacts on marine ecology receptors and protected habitat and species features.

Jake Davies

Project SIARC Coordinator

All workpackages

Jake supports the management of the project and involved in all workpackages. He’s focus is on the fisher engagement, BRUVs and eDNA workpackages.

Sarah Davies

Project SIARC Assistant

All workpackages

Sarah is involved in multiple workpackages, with a focus on fisher engagement, eDNA surveys and school engagement

Alice Chamberlain

Project SIARC Communities Coordinator

Diversity and inclusion; eDNA sampling; data analysis; school engagement; wider engagement; research group; dissection events and project management

Alice supports Project SIARC deliver multiple workpackages, with a focus on diversity inclusion and communications.

Charlotte Pike

Project SIARC Activity Coordinator

Dissection events; research group; BRUVs; eDNA sampling; data analysis; project management

Charlotte supports the delivery of multiple workpackages, with a focus on organisation of the dissection events and developing the research group.

Kathryn Whittey

Project SIARC Local Community Organiser

Equality; Diversity and Inclusion; fisher engagement

Kath is the North Wales community organiser and is involved in the Diversity and Inclusion workpackage.

Francessca Mason

Project SIARC Postgraduate Research Assistant

Data analysis; fisher engagement

Francesca (Chessie) supports the delivery of data analysis work packages focusing on current & historical fisheries data.

Surshti Patel

Project SIARC Technical Specialist

Equality; Diversity and Inclusion; fisher engagement

Surshti provides oversight and technical input to the delivery of our equality, diversity and inclusion work, work with communities and fishers engagement. She has a particular interest in ensuring inclusive and ethical conservation science and practise

Nia Haf Jones

Living Seas Manager

Diversity and inclusion (D&I); citizen science; project management

Nia supports the delivery of the Citizen Science initiatives focussing on archival research and Great Eggcase Hunts

Dawn Thomas

Living Seas Officer

Diversity and inclusion (D&I); citizen science

Dawn coordinates and delivers Great Eggcase Hunt events, volunteer training and supports the delivery of archival research

Kate Moses

Instant Wild Project Manager

Citizen Science

Kate manages Instant Wild and will be implementing Project SIARC project on the platform and managing the build of the Project SIARC focused tutorial and dual language functionality

David Curnick

Project SIARC Postdoctoral Researcher

eDNA; data analysis; research group; project management

David provides technical support and oversees the eDNA surveys and data analysis work packages.

Nick Dunn

Project SIARC Postdoctoral Supervisor

eDNA; data analysis; research group; project management

Nick leads on the eDNA survey design, implementation and analysis.

Sophie Ward

Research Fellow in Physical Oceanography

eDNA; data analysis; research group

Sophie is a research scientist and ocean modeller who is conducting the hydrodynamic modelling designed for interpretation of the eDNA surgey results.

Pete Robins

Senior Lecturer in Physical Oceanography

eDNA; data analysis; research group

Pete is an ocean modeller who will help Sophie with the hydrodynamic modelling designed for interpretation of the eDNA surgey results.

Dimitris Pletsas

Project SIARC education outreach officer

School engagement

Dimitris provides techical support with the installation of 3D printers to the SIARC Chamption schools, including CAD design and 3D printing induction

Cat Gordon

Senior Conservation Officer

Citizen Science

Cat is developing resources to be used for fisher engagement and citizen science activities, as well as supporting the delivery of Great Eggcase Hunts in Wales

Get involved

There are a range of ways that you can get involved with Project SIARC from actively participating in events to aiding in historical research and inspiring future generations to engage with the marine environment.


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